Tide liquids become ‘official laundry partner’ for Punjab Kings

Tide liquids become ‘official laundry partner’ for Punjab Kings

Punjab Kings has recently announced a partnership with Tide as their official laundry partner, marking the launch of Tide Liquids in India. Tide Liquids is specially designed for washing machines, providing a dual benefit of removing tough stains while keeping the colors from fading. As part of the partnership, the team, led by Shikhar Dhawan, will sport the Tide Liquids logo on the lead leg of their trouser, adding to Punjab Kings’ history of associating with top-performing brands in their respective fields.

With cricket and sports uniforms subject to a variety of tough stains, Tide Liquids’ outstanding cleaning capabilities and color protection ensure that fans can look forward to seeing their favorite players in bright and colorful uniforms throughout the upcoming season. The partnership was announced through a short teaser video titled ‘Sadde Punjab ka Naya Favorite.’

Sharat Verma, CMO of P&G India and VP and Head of Fabric Care for P&G Indian subcontinent, expressed his delight in announcing the partnership, coinciding with the launch of Tide Liquids designed for Indian wash conditions. He also shared that Tide Liquids would keep the iconic Punjab Kings team’s uniforms bright and clean while committing to excellence.

KPH Dream Cricket Pvt Ltd CEO Satish Menon expressed his excitement in partnering with the world’s number one detergent brand, Tide, as their official laundry partner, ensuring clean kits vital to the team’s on-field entertainment. This partnership brings together India’s most loved brand with the IPL’s most loved team to do ‘dhulai’ both on and off the pitch.

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