Coca-Cola Expands Beverage Lineup with Launch into Ready-to-Drink Tea Market

At the Bengal Global Business Summit 2023, Coca-Cola unveiled its latest venture into the beverage industry, introducing two new flavors of ready-to-drink iced green tea. This marks a significant expansion of their product range, catering to the evolving tastes and preferences of consumers.

Coca-Cola, in a strategic partnership with Luxmi Group’s Makaibari, a renowned tea estate in Darjeeling, is set to revolutionize the beverage market. As reported by Business Standards, this collaboration will introduce a ready-to-drink iced green tea, blending Coca-Cola’s beverage expertise with the exquisite tea varieties from the historic Makaibari estate, promising a unique and refreshing product for tea enthusiasts.

The Coca-Cola Company, through its subsidiary Honest Corporation, is redefining the ready-to-drink tea market with its Honest Tea brand. This new iced green tea line is meticulously crafted from organic green tea leaves, handpicked from the prestigious Makaibari estate. Available in two distinct flavors, lemon-tulsi and mango, these beverages offer a fusion of traditional tea essence with innovative taste profiles. This launch not only showcases Coca-Cola’s commitment to quality and sustainability but also blends the rich heritage of Makaibari’s tea cultivation with contemporary consumer preferences, creating a unique and refreshing tea experience.

On November 22nd 2023, the Bengal Global Business Summit in Kolkata concluded with the exclusive launch of Coca-Cola’s bottled iced green tea, a significant move that highlights the company’s expansion into new beverage territories.

Honest Tea, an American organic bottled tea company, was founded in 1998 by Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff. Renowned for its commitment to organic ingredients and ethical sourcing, Honest Tea established a strong niche in the beverage market. In 2011, Coca-Cola acquired Honest Tea, recognizing its potential in the growing organic products sector. However, in a strategic shift, Coca-Cola announced in 2022 its decision to phase out the Honest Tea product line. This move was part of a broader initiative to streamline its beverage portfolio, focusing on fewer but larger brands. This decision reflects Coca-Cola’s adaptation to market trends and its focus on optimizing its product offerings to better align with consumer demands and company objectives.

Karthik Subramanian, the director of marketing for the hydration, coffee, and tea category at Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia, expressed great enthusiasm about the company’s latest venture in the beverage market. His statement, “We are thrilled to introduce our new ready-to-drink iced green tea,” encapsulates Coca-Cola’s excitement and confidence in their new product line under the Honest Tea brand. Subramanian emphasized that with Honest Tea, Coca-Cola is not just launching another beverage but is offering consumers a distinct experience. He highlighted the product’s unique appeal – a green tea-based drink that doesn’t just bank on the health benefits of green tea but also delivers on taste. This initiative reflects Coca-Cola’s strategic move to diversify its offerings, tapping into the growing demand for health-conscious and flavorful drinks. By focusing on both taste and quality, Coca-Cola aims to cater to a broad spectrum of consumers, reinforcing its position in the competitive beverage industry.

At the event, Rudra Chatterjee, Managing Director of Luxmi Group, praised Makaibari as the premier tea estate in Darjeeling. He emphasized its global prestige, stating, “It is the last word among teas, whether in Japan or England, royal houses,” highlighting Makaibari’s esteemed reputation. His remarks underscored the estate’s excellence and international acclaim, especially among discerning tea connoisseurs and in prestigious circles like royal households. This recognition reflects Makaibari’s unparalleled quality and legacy in the world of tea.

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