TTK Prestige’s New Digital Film Addresses House Party Issues.

TTK Prestige's New Digital Film Addresses House Party Issues.

TTK Prestige, India’s top provider of kitchen and home solutions, has consistently been at the cutting edge of innovation. Every new product they’ve released has always been a step closer to relieving their consumers’ problems. The company has released a fresh digital film before the start of the New Year in an attempt to assist with a problem that millennial couples face: the difficulties in planning home parties.

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Over the years, having a home party has gained popularity and can be a wonderful experience. The same party, though, can be taxing for the host because so many details must be attended to in order for it to go smoothly. The new digital movie considers these repetitive conventions and demonstrates how their smartly-enabled cookware and kitchenware may come to the rescue.

The film opens with a couple talking about how difficult it was to have a home party in the past and how time constraints, domestic tasks, and multitasking—such as cleaning the house, making the food, and cleaning up after the party—made them anxious.

However, the pair is once more prepared to host the party using TTK Prestige’s goods and their hassle-free method with #HostwithPrestige.

The digital film effectively conveys how Prestige’s induction cooktop has an automated whistle counter integrated and how its Endura mixer grinder is a multi-tasker that can knead, chop, juice, grind, and store. Furthermore, they have a Typhoon 05 vacuum cleaner that is useful for both wet and dry cleaning.

The EVC of Sales and Marketing of TTK Prestige, Dinesh Garg, said that they work hard to offer their customers the highest caliber goods, services, and experiences as an innovation-driven company. According to him, the film’s proposal, “Jab Prestige sambhale kitchen ka kaam, party host Karna Hoga aasan,” is precisely what we’re trying to do to make things easier for everyone.

Prestige is India’s top-selling brand of kitchen appliances, along with being effective and well-liked. With the extensive selection of items and incentives that the company provides all year long, customers may completely renovate their kitchens. TTK Prestige goods are unrivaled in terms of sturdiness, cost, and design.

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