Through the #BachatKaShortcut campaign, SBI General emphasizes the significance of health insurance for saving

Through the #BachatKaShortcut campaign, SBI General emphasizes the significance of health insurance for saving

SBI General Insurance has announced the commencement of the ‘#BachatKaShortcut’ campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the tax benefits of health insurance. This campaign consists of a series of lighthearted yet extremely compelling videos with the primary goal of delivering the message of investing in health insurance for financial management and tax savings.

The videos in this campaign, named ‘#BachatKaShortcut,’ depict many amusing scenarios of consumers implementing various thrifty techniques to increase their savings and minimize expenditures. A series of these videos highlight, in a comical way, how most of us sacrifice tiny things in order to save money. SBI General wishes to equip India with a more efficient and effective notion for saving money by avoiding taxes through health insurance through this campaign. A complete and sufficient Health Insurance plan protects one financially in the event of a medical emergency. These situations not only have an emotional impact, but they may also be financially draining. As a result, it is critical to carefully prepare your financial decisions, particularly those involving insurance. This ad so stresses the fact that purchasing Health Insurance also comes with a significant tax benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

The co-founder and chief strategy officer of Tonic Worldwide, Unmisha Bhatt, stated that when it comes to insurance, SBI General has been the personification of trust. This year’s goal was to emphasize the tiny sacrifices we make to increase our savings while overlooking possibilities to save large, such as health insurance. Further, she said, the series of amusing videos deliver the basic message that, while there are several methods to save, there is only one shortcut they must take.

The head of the brand, corporate communication & CSR, Shefali Khalsa, said that these days, although consumers are more aware of how health insurance allows people to obtain the greatest available healthcare without spending excessively or using their whole savings, SBI General Insurance also wanted to assist consumers in realizing that health insurance is one of the most advantageous tax-saving options available. Talking of the campaign, she said that it is intended to assist India in making more informed financial and tax-saving decisions when acquiring health insurance. She also said that to ensure that the campaign messaging reaches the widest possible audience, the campaign has been used not just on social media platforms with funny short videos but also on other conventional media channels such as radio, outdoor bus advertisements, and television. Further, she said that the campaign emphasizes one crucial message: a proper health insurance plan will assure “sehat aur bachat dono”, so our consumers don’t have to give up things that make them happy in order to take this significant #BachatKaShortcut.

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