The many ways creative folks are using generative A.I. in their work

Generative AI tools have become the new craze in the digital creative and marketing world in India. They are able to create new content in various formats such as text, images, video, and audio. These AI tools have been used by large brands like AB InBev and Mint Mobile to create limited edition beer and TV ads. Although their increasing use has caused excitement and some fears of job losses, experts like John Paite from Media.Monks believe that they will create new jobs. Many users view generative AI tools as a starting point for their work, which they refine before presenting it to clients. They also use tools like Quillbot and Copy.AI to paraphrase generated content, and plagiarism checkers like Copyleaks to ensure originality. Bangalore-based agency, Talented, uses generative AI tools to streamline processes and create new ones, especially those that collaborate with AI. Their success has won them two new clients in the Middle East, proving that generative AI tools have become a necessary component in the digital creative and marketing world.

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