TATA Projects unveils ‘HACHI – SAFETY MASCOT’ for India@100 campaign

TATA Projects unveils 'HACHI – SAFETY MASCOT' for India@100 campaign

TATA Projects Limited recently introduced HACHI, a safety mascot, as part of its India@100 campaign, which promotes responsible and safe growth. This initiative represents the company’s vision for an India that is prepared to lead the world towards a more sustainable, resilient, and secure future for generations to come.

The campaign also includes a captivating 9-part YouTube series aimed at increasing safety awareness in our daily lives, as India establishes its position in the global economic landscape. As a leading EPC company, TATA Projects is committed to promoting safety awareness and recognizing safety champions as it works towards creating a better future for all.

The safety mascot, HACHI, is a bee, which plays a crucial role in pollinating approximately 35% of the crop species consumed by humans. The mascot embodies the six-sigma of safety, respect, and environment and symbolizes perseverance, community, and teamwork.

Himanshu Chaturvedi, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer of TATA Projects Ltd, emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety of workers in today’s business world. He stated that workplace safety is the top priority of TATA Projects, and they strive to ensure that every worker returns home safely at the end of the day. The company has implemented various measures to safeguard its workers on project sites.

The India@100 campaign highlights TATA Projects’ belief that the safety of stakeholders should be given priority over everything else. The initiative aims not only to prevent accidents at project sites but also to educate and enlighten people about industry-wide safety practices.

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