Social Media influencer ‘Foodpharmer’ takes down viral Cadbury Bournvita post

The social media influencer known as Foodpharmer, Revant Himatsingka, has removed a post discussing the nutritional value and sugar content of Cadbury Bournvita. Himatsingka has issued an apology to the brand and stated that he received a legal notice regarding the video.

In a statement, the influencer revealed that the video had received nearly 12 million views on Instagram and was shared by prominent personalities such as Paresh Rawal, Kirti Azad, and Madhavan. However, after receiving the legal notice from a leading law firm in India on April 13, Himatsingka decided to take down the Bournvita video. He expressed regret for any unintended trademark infringement or defamation of the brand and stated that he did not have the resources or interest to participate in any court cases.

Himatsingka is known for his food and nutrition discussions on social media and had posted a video about the malt drink Bournvita. In the video, he claimed that the brand had miscommunicated the nutritional value of the product and highlighted the sugar, cocoa solids, color 150 degrees C (which he claimed could cause cancer), an emulsifier, and liquid glucose.

In response to Himatsingka’s claims, the brand issued a statement clarifying the nutritional value of the malt drink. However, the influencer’s video has since been taken down, and he has apologized to Cadbury for any unintentional harm caused.

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