Skymet unveils new branding and identity

Skymet unveils new branding and identity

Skymet, a weather and climate intelligence company, has unveiled a new brand identity that highlights its commitment to providing accurate forecasting, information, and risk management services using cutting-edge technologies such as AI and ML. The brand culture of Skymet is rooted in innovation, teamwork, and delivering high-quality services to its clients, while also fostering a positive work environment that values creativity and diversity.

Yogesh Patil, CEO of Skymet, expressed excitement about the rebranding initiative, saying, “With the new corporate identity, we are aiming to elevate our brand. Our mission at Skymet is to advance our understanding of weather and climate and their impact on the world, while also developing sustainable solutions for a better future.” The company’s new logo is youthful, energetic, and tech-inspired, with a fresh color palette that shifts from orange to intelligent blue with pure black and wiser white.

The tagline “Beyond Weather” represents Skymet’s commitment to being a climate-conscious brand that goes beyond traditional weather forecasting to provide information and solutions that cater to a wider audience while also having a positive impact on society and the environment. The rebranding emphasizes accuracy, innovation, responsiveness, integrity, quality, and empowerment, with a focus on providing innovative solutions and services that enable individuals and organizations to make informed decisions and achieve their goals while creating a better future for all.

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