Shah Rukh Khan stars in Thums Up’s action-packed campaign.

In Thums Up’s most recent advertising campaign, the beverage brand collaborated with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan to convey the narrative of the #ThumsUpStrong spirit. The ad, which Ogilvy conceived, is intended to promote the partnership between Thums Up and Shah Rukh Khan, who is the King of Bollywood. The fact that SRK is back in his iconic role as an action hero after all these years and putting on a show for his fans by executing stunning acrobatics on top of a moving train is an absolute treat for them.

Thums Up x Shah Rukh Khan Full edit | Soft Drink Nahin, Toofan : ThumsUpOfficial

In the new advertisement, the actor says, “Soft Drink Nahin, Toofan,” encouraging viewers to maintain their determination and vigour as they work toward realizing their ambitions and following their passions. In order to silence the critics, SRK performs the bottle flipping movement from the film “Palat De,” which has become the brand’s distinctive marketing strategy. An integrated campaign that spans television, social media, internet platforms, out-of-home advertising, and shopper marketing will be used to bring the campaign to life.

The company has enhanced this fundamental value by forming a partnership with King Khan and adding an action-packed cinematic storytelling element to the commercial film. SRK plays the role of both a fictional and a real-life hero in the advertisement.

To mark the significant achievement of reaching the $ 1 billion mark as a brand Thums Up is launching a new marketing campaign that expands on the brand’s recognizable and robust flavour, which has been a hit with consumers from the company’s start. In addition, Thums Up has a long-standing association with the Paralympic Games, the Olympic Games, and the sport of cricket. The company celebrates the spirit of true heroes who never waver in their will to realize their ambitions and triumph despite the obstacles that life places in their path.

Sumeli Chatterjee, Head of Integrated Marketing Experiences (IMX) for Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia, was asked to comment on the new advertising campaign. She stated that Thums Up is a 45-year-old brand that has always motivated millions of people to remain dedicated to pursuing their aspirations. She goes on to note that when they introduced #PalatDe the previous year, the bottle of Thums Up that was turned upside down became a symbol of the #PalatDe spirit, which is turning down any naysayer who casts doubt on your potential.

She expressed her excitement that they will be working with Shah Rukh Khan to portray the tale of the #ThumsUpStrong movement. The bold and distinctive flavour of the brand, which is organically linked with the concept of strength as an emotion, encourages consumers to maintain their strength and continue to believe in their aspirations.

Shah Rukh Khan, who is the face of the upcoming Thums Up campaign, stated that he was ecstatic to be representing India’s most famous brand – Thums Up, since it connects perfectly with his attitude of never giving up, regardless of the numerous hurdles that life may throw at you. He claims that this mindset enables every one of us to become a superhero in our own spheres of endeavour. He goes on to remark that this campaign holds a very special place in his heart since it afforded him the opportunity to take part in some absolutely incredible stunts and action scenes, both of which he cherished doing.

According to Ritu Sharda, the Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy India (North), Thums Up is not a soft drink; instead, it is toofaan. And as Thums Up prepares to transition from the category of soft drinks into a category of its own, the company has teamed with the most dedicated Thums Up fans to talk about the transition. She goes on to say that this is SRK on a train, but in a way that has never been seen before. And for that, she thanks the hallmark toofani stunts and thrills.

The Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy India Sukesh Nayak, says that a toofaan gets stirred whenever Bollywood’s king khan joins hands with the ‘Soft drink nahi, toofaan’ named Thums Up. Last but not least, he mentioned that they are really ecstatic to have king khan as their partner on this fantastic adventure of reimagining this legendary brand.

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