Parle-G launches three ad films under its new campaign.

Parle-G launches three ad films under its new campaign.

The purpose of the latest campaign for Parle-G is to strengthen the existing robust goodwill of the brand. In these videos, a youngster’s active mind notices a loved one’s displeasure, makes a special note of it, thinks quickly on their feet, and comes up with a solution that makes their loved one smile again.

The three-film marketing campaign developed by thought Blurb Communications delivers straightforward stories that portray the protagonist’s kid as empathic, intelligent, and committed. Every one of the characteristics that, when combined, form the Parle-G ‘Genius.’ The commercial says that “Genius wohi, jo Auron ke Khushi Mein paye apni Khushi,” without an excessively strong catchphrase to drive the idea.

Regarding formats, the films are the length of TV commercials; however, the social media version is only one minute long, and it intensifies the sense of consciousness that the protagonist has regarding the loved one. The stark contrast in how the two characters feel is amplified, which makes the reward much more impactful and unforgettable.

The senior category head for Parle Products, Mayank Shah, discusses the basic principles of the brand as well as the necessity for maintaining a consistent messaging approach with time. He says Parle-G has never strayed from speaking from the point of view of a youngster. There are many ways a kid might develop social ties with their siblings, family members, friends, and other people who are important to them. The ability to empathize comes naturally at a young age and may be expressed using straightforward language. Understanding others may be pretty accurate and honest in its early stages before it is overtaken by age and the demands of reality. When this is considered, the messaging has to offer the child’s sentiments a voice and acknowledge that they exist.

He went on to say that the transition of the product from the previous campaign to the one that is now running is smooth and that this helps to generate a more profound feeling in the hearts of the viewers. It is exciting and engaging for both the youngster and the adult. The tools utilized use a straightforward visual language that is easy for people of any age to comprehend.

According to Vinod Kunj, the Chief Creative Officer and MD at Thought Blurb, maintaining a campaign idea over the years and building the brand with it takes a solid grip on the steering wheel. He said that in their prior outings with the company in 2018 and 2020, they needed to identify a development route to succeed. They were well aware that the way they thought had to be consistent with time while maintaining the concept of the brand as a whole. They know that the stories must connect with viewers of all ages and from all over the world because they will be aired in 13 languages. It is gratifying to hear the music that summarises the campaign’s concept since it is one of the lovable features of the campaign, and it is also wonderful to watch the notion shine through in each language.

The national creative director of Thought Blurb, Renu Somani, shares that in the beginning, the team’s focus was on strengthening the connection between the viewer and the central characters in the movie. This is something that Somani mentions in her perspective on creative execution. Having the audience experience what each character is going through in preparation for the unexpected twist at the end of each narrative. She further added that each component of the videos had been designed to have an engaging exchange with the others. A moving story is created concisely thanks to the gradual buildup, the breaks, the visual description of the moment of resolve, the music, and the lyrics that join together to tell the story.

Lastly, she adds that the music in each film’s first half establishes the groundwork for the idea. And the music in the second half starts up after the answer has revealed itself and demonstrates how one person’s sacrifice may bring joy to many.

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