Netflix and Lacoste join hands to launch a new collection based on shows

Netflix and Lacoste join hands to launch a new collection based on shows

Lacoste and Netflix have teamed up to launch a special collection inspired by some of the most captivating universes of our time. The range pays tribute to fan-favorite shows, such as Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Lupin, Money Heist, The Witcher, Sex Education, Shadow & Bone, and Elite, and features Lacoste’s signature clothing items, such as polos, sweatshirts, and tracksuits. The iconic Lacoste crocodile is seen sporting costumes from the popular Netflix series, bringing the Upside Down and Las Encinas high school to life.

Netflix has once again allowed another brand to work with the codes of its most renowned shows. The eight shows were selected for the values they represent and their diverse audiences, promising to delight adventure enthusiasts, romance fans, teen show enthusiasts, and fiction aficionados alike.

Catherine Spindler, Lacoste’s deputy CEO, expressed delight with the collaboration, saying, “We are delighted with this collaboration which has resulted in a unique encounter between our two worlds and two global references of creativity and innovation, both with an unparalleled power to bring together communities from all walks of life. The collection born from our collaboration is the embodiment of this powerful encounter, of our respective codes, influences and know-how.” Josh Simon, VP of consumer products at Netflix, echoed the sentiment, saying, “We think products can be a powerful medium for storytelling, and partnering with Lacoste presents a unique opportunity to blend the worlds of fashion and entertainment. This collection is a compelling and creative way for fans to express their love for our stories and characters.” The collection was released on April 12 and is expected to be a hit among fans of both brands.

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