Motorola unveils localised campaigns for the launch of two new products

Motorola unveils localised campaigns for the launch of two new products

Motorola recently launched a new phone, the moto e13, and to promote it, they came up with a campaign called “Atke Nahi Hatke”. The campaign was developed by 21N78E Creative Labs, the communications agency for Motorola. According to Shivam Ranjan, head of marketing, India & APAC for Motorola, the campaign was strategically crucial for the launch of the moto e13. Extensive research conducted by the brand revealed that phones in this segment tended to slow performance or lag, which was a clear pain point for consumers across several states in India. With their differentiated product designed to address this consumer pain point and a “hatke” consumer proposition – Atke Nahi Hatke, Motorola managed to capture the attention of consumers, trade and media alike. The campaign was run in 8 different languages on TV and digital platforms and has delivered significant impact for the brand.

Sudhir Nair, Founder & CEO, 21N78E Creative Labs, stated that it was an excellent opportunity to work with Motorola and talk to this demographic. The agency wanted to ensure that the narrative was equally differentiated and did justice to the hatke performance of the phone. The agency believed that when product features are an organic fit to the narrative, the work will get noticed. Hence their communication intent was to get people to consider the phone as a clear and present enabler in their quest for a better life. The campaign has resonated with consumers across languages and geographies, as indicated by the high VTRs, the lift on favorability, and the traffic to the e-commerce platform.

Navin Kansal, CCO, 21N78E Creative Labs, summed up both the campaigns and said that a hatke phone like the moto e13, in a relatively hatke category with a processor that does not lag and a battery that carries the user through the day, made “Atke Nahi Hatke” a compelling proposition. The campaign showcases a transformative journey of redemption for a struggling medical equipment sales representative, which has struck a chord with the audience. For the launch of moto g13, the agency built on the hatke equity since the demographic was relatively similar. Hence, “Lagey Jhatke, Aisa Hatke” was created. The form factor of the phone lent itself to a more flamboyant narrative that would appeal to the sensibilities of Gen Z. The peppy music track infused a new-age hatke twist to a classic sound, making it an enjoyable and engaging campaign.

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