Kimberly-Clark relaunches its diaper brand Huggies with the new ‘Huggies Complete Comfort®’ range in India.

Kimberly-Clark relaunches its diaper brand Huggies with the new 'Huggies Complete Comfort®' range in India.

With the reintroduction of Huggies Complete Comfort in India, Kimberly-Clark brings in a revitalized new image for its long-standing brand, Huggies. The relaunch primarily emphasizes the fundamental concept of 5-in-1 pleasure, which features essential characteristics such as softness and absorbency. This focus is based on significant customer research. In addition, the packaging design of the company’s entire product line is going to be updated to incorporate a brand-new visual language, which will highlight the essential characteristics of the brand as well as the advantages it offers to consumers.

As part of the celebrations around the relaunch, Huggies has introduced a new advertising campaign with the slogan “We got you, baby,” in which the company pledges to make the world a more pleasant place for infants. The adorable launch film, conceived by Ogilvy India, employs the baby’s voice as a form of creative expression to highlight the discomforts associated with using diapers. Huggies arrive to their aid by giving five different comforts in a single diaper. These comforts include 12-hour absorption, bubble bed softness, triple leak protection, a comfortable fit waistline, and breathable material. Huggies are their saviour.

Huggies Complete Comfort | We Got You, Baby : Huggies India

On the occasion of the relaunch, the marketing director for Kimberly-Clark India, Saakshi Verma Menon, stated that the Huggies brand has always endeavoured to go the extra mile to make the world a comfier situation for infants. They conducted an in-depth study with customers and came to the conclusion that infants require total comfort as well as several advantages in a single product. Therefore, they are ecstatic to present the new ‘Huggies Complete Comfort’ to Indian consumers to assist infants and adults caring for them in navigating the challenges and joys of the baby years. In addition, they perform research revealing nine out of ten mothers believe that Huggies diapers are comfier than their usual brand. This finding bolsters the confidence that customers have in this well-known brand.

She went on to say that about the campaign, they will be launching a digital-first effort across all of the channels where modern mothers spend most of their time. In addition, the material has been hyper-personalized and contextualized to specific consumer groups to increase its relevance and interaction with the target audience.

According to her, for them to succeed as a competitor brand in India, they need to differentiate themselves from the competition and become a trusted brand. She says their creative colleagues at Ogilvy have found an entertaining and original manner of nailing the main message, guaranteed to cement their place in customers’ hearts. The Huggies Complete Comfort line is currently sold in traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and on several online shopping platforms.

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