Himalaya new ad for baby oil celebrates the best of both worlds.

Himalaya new ad for baby oil celebrates the best of both worlds.

Recently, the Himalaya Wellness Company, the largest wellness brand in India, announced the debut of the Himalaya Baby Massage Oil, which has the beneficial properties of both mustard and coconut. “Naye Zamaane Ka Traditional Oil” is the name of the new digital campaign that the company has introduced. This campaign will be available in three distinct languages.

Himalaya BabyCare – Baby Massage Oil Mustard: Himalaya BabyCare

In conjunction with the launch of this new digital campaign, the company has developed a specialized and all-encompassing marketing strategy. It is working in conjunction with several e-commerce & social media platforms.

Chakravarthi N.V., the Business Head of BabyCare, Himalaya Wellness Company, commented on the launch by stating that age-old traditional Ayurvedic techniques influence the Himalaya Indian Heritage range of Baby Massage Oil. It emphasizes the significance of body massage in your baby’s daily routine.

In addition, parents of the millennial generation are becoming more conscientious and aware of the materials and products they use on their children. In addition to providing their children with the appropriate nutrition, they seek items free of harmful chemicals. As a result, the new Baby Massage Oil – Mustard and Coconut will speak to the needs of modern parents. The Chakravarthi says this new oil is an all-in-one solution that provides parents with a neat and residue-free choice for their newborns.

He added that they have been in business for over 16 years and have amassed a product portfolio of more than 14 babycare goods. They have also served millions of consumers across the entirety of India. They intend to establish our footprint all around India with these fresh releases, in addition to bolstering our standing on a national level.

The new Baby Massage Oil from Himalaya is a well-defined blend of ancient knowledge and modern science that has been put through clinical testing. As a result of the absence of potentially harmful ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, and artificial perfumes, this cleanser is suitable for infants. The oil has been made with a non-sticky recipe that helps nourish babies’ skin. The herbs and components in the oil have been picked with great care. When mixed into a single traditional oil, the essence of four different herbs, namely Vetiver, Aloe Vera, Country Mallow, and Winter Cherry, would increase blood circulation and muscle strength and stimulate a baby’s growth.

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