Hershey India has appointed Disha Patani as the brand ambassador for their plant-based beverage Sofit.

Hershey India has appointed Disha Patani as the brand ambassador for their plant-based beverage Sofit.

The Hershey Company, an American company that manufactures chocolate and snacks, has announced that Bollywood diva Disha Patani and handsome hunk John Abraham would serve as an ambassador for their plant-based drink brand called Sofit. According to the firm, the collaboration will enhance the message of the brand, which is that “Fit is Fab.”

Patani will become connected with the company alongside actor John Abraham, who has been a part of it for over seven years. According to the corporation, they both advocate for healthy lifestyles, and the beliefs they hold in common with regard to health and fitness are consistent with the fundamental mission of the brand.

The pair featured in the most recent television commercial for the brand, which, according to the company, will emphasize the significance of maintaining physical fitness from the inside out by promoting healthier choices in order to lead an active lifestyle & urge consumers to adopt this lifestyle.

Patani is a source of motivation for a sizable number of individuals who are concerned about their health as a result of her dedicated fitness routine, as was said in the press release.

The firm noted that Patani and Abraham are endorsers of healthy living, and their shared ideals towards health and fitness resonate with the key theme of the brand, which is ‘Fit is Fab.’ Patani and Abraham both have a passion for exercise and health.

Geetika Mehta, who is the Managing Director of Hershey India, said, Sofit is a brand that is very important to Hershey India. Further, she added that Disha Patani is a great fit for Sofit because people are becoming more health-conscious as well as moving toward mindful eating. She is the perfect example of fitness and a great fit for the brand. She is the perfect representative of the brand since she exemplifies health and fitness.

Patani expressed her extreme joy at the prospect of collaborating with Sofit. She discusses the advantages of it and the reasons why we should think about ingesting it during a press conference. She went on to say that she is a firm believer in the concept that “when you’re fit from the inside, you feel great on the outside,” and that “Sofit accomplishes just that.”

Abraham, who has a long-standing connection with the Sofit family, extends his warmest welcome to Disha as she joins the Sofit family. He mentioned that his time spent working with the company has been quite rewarding. Through their partnership with Sofit, he and Disha wish to continue to motivate others to adopt healthier lifestyles as champions for healthy living, and he hopes that this will continue to happen as a result of their collaboration with Sofit.

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