Here’s how Zomato is turning every home into a cricket stadium this IPL

Here’s how Zomato is turning every home into a cricket stadium this IPL

Zomato, the popular online food delivery platform, has given a unique twist to its delivery map by replacing the home icon with an IPL stadium icon. The reason for this change is due to the launch of Zomato’s latest contest, the ‘Zomato Prediction League’ (ZPL) for the IPL season. Users can participate in the contest by answering three questions within 10 seconds, with prizes to be won at the end of the match. The contest will run from March 31 to May 28, 2023.

To promote this contest, Zomato has teamed up with Star Sports, the official broadcaster of IPL 2023, to enhance the viewing experience for fans. This promotional integration between Zomato and Star Sports encourages users to watch the IPL on Star Sports channels.

This trend of brand integration is becoming increasingly popular among food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy. In fact, Swiggy had recently replaced its two-wheeler icon with a satellite icon on its delivery map to promote Rocket Boys.

Along with the promotional bid, the Zomato delivery map also features the message, “Make your home, your stadium! Watch TATA IPL on Star Sports Network.” This message, combined with the IPL stadium icon, adds to the excitement and enthusiasm of the IPL season and encourages users to participate in the ZPL contest.

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