“Employees Files Grievance Against Infosys Over Onboarding Delay”


The Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (Nites), a union representing IT workers, has lodged a formal complaint against Infosys for purportedly stalling the onboarding process of more than 2,000 campus recruits for a period exceeding two years. The complaint has been lodged with the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

According to Nites president Harpreet Saluja, the alleged delays have inflicted considerable hardship upon the affected employees, many of whom turned down alternative job offers relying on assurances from Infosys. Saluja stated, “Now, they face financial strain and an uncertain future due to the absence of income and a definitive onboarding schedule. Infosys’s actions represent a significant breach of trust with these aspiring professionals.”

Saluja has advocated for compensation for the impacted employees, including full salary payment, employee assistance programs, and opportunities for placement within the organization. As of the time of this report, an email inquiry sent to Infosys has not yielded a response.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Nites and its president are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Infosys. Infosys has not responded to the allegations at the time of publication.

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