Domino’s has reduced pizza delivery time to 20 minutes in 20 locations with high store density.

Domino’s has reduced pizza delivery time to 20 minutes in 20 locations with high store density.

Domino’s Pizza is ready to tantalize your taste buds with its new 20-minute delivery promise! On Tuesday, 20th December 2022, the pizza giant rolled out this time-saving delivery campaign across 20 zones. They strive for perfection, continuously innovating and improving the product experience from quality ingredients all the way through guest service satisfaction. Who said you have to wait an eternity for deliciousness? Not with Domino’s Pizza!

Domino’s revolutionized the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector by introducing a ground-breaking 30-minute delivery service, affirming its position as an industry leader.

Domino’s India is setting the industry standard for fast delivery by introducing process improvements, dynamic resource planning, and technological upgrades. These strategies have enabled Domino’s to reduce their already-speedy 30-minute pizza deliveries to faster 20-minute deliveries while still delivering piping hot pizzas that don’t compromise on quality or rider safety.

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited CEO Sameer Khetarpal recently announced the commitment to providing Domino’s customers with an even better pizza-eating experience, including a guaranteed delivery within 20 minutes. This commitment sets them apart from their competitors in ensuring delicious pizzas get delivered on time every time!

Domino’s India has taken a stand for better customer service across multiple pin codes with its new initiative. By combining the power of analytics, insights, and technology, customers can now enjoy hotter, fresher, and tastier pizzas from 100s of Domino stores – all without compromising on rider safety! Quality assurance is the top priority in this endeavour to make sure every pizza-lover gets an enjoyable experience on every order.

Domino’s Pizza continues to expand its global presence and has recently set its sights on the Indian market. The Chief Executive Officer of Domino’s Pizza, Russell Weiner, believes that this growth trajectory indicates tremendous potential in India for Domino’s future success.

India’s innovative approach to consumer-centric strategies is further exemplified by the 20 minutes delivery launch that promises customers hotter, fresher, and tastier pizzas. The reduced delivery time creates an elevated experience for consumers, which results in higher satisfaction levels as well as a greater frequency of purchases. Domino’s India stands poised to benefit greatly from this strategic decision, allowing them not only to maintain but also broaden their lead over competitors within the Quick Service restaurant domain.

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