Devil makes a vlog of his internship at Doritos in the new LinkedIn campaign

Devil makes a vlog of his internship at Doritos in the new LinkedIn campaign

Doritos has made waves on social media with its groundbreaking LinkedIn campaign for their latest offering, Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot. This two-minute-long campaign video is a LinkedIn first ad that has had viewers in stitches.

Staying true to its fiery and comedic personality, the brand has added a humorous twist to the Devil, showcasing his ‘Sizzlin’ Hot’ experience as an intern at the PepsiCo India headquarters.

The Devil, Founder & CEO at Hell, secures an internship at Doritos after discovering that ‘Hell’ has lost significant market share since Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot became the hottest thing around. As an eager intern, he posts a vlog flaunting his social skills, interacting with colleagues from various departments, and trying his best to fit in on the job – something that everyone can relate to. Eventually, he meets the team behind the successful Doritos launch. When he tastes the Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot chip, he admits that it’s too hot for him to handle and that he wasn’t prepared for it! Despite its irresistible heat, the Devil is seen sneaking some in-house Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot packets into his backpack.

Doritos’ LinkedIn campaign has received an overwhelming response from industry experts, influencers, and brand enthusiasts. Associate Director of Brand Marketing at PepsiCo India, Ankit Agarwal, praised the campaign, stating, “With LinkedIn on the brink of becoming a medium for brand activation, the team read the signs early and crafted a campaign that was tailored for the platform, with an engaging storyline around corporate humor and a disruptive brand ambassador in the Devil! All of this with extremely strong Doritos branding and a simple and clear message of how hot the Sizzlin’ Hot chip is. The team also crafted a never-done-before strategy of spreading the message via the power of PepsiCo India employees, handpicked thought leaders, and LinkedIn gurus. All of this has truly made it a Sizzlin’ Hot campaign! The cherry on the cake – shooting with PepsiCo employees in the PepsiCo India HQ!”

National Creative Director at Leo Burnett, Vikram Pandey (Spiky), also shared his thoughts on the campaign, saying, “We wanted to bring alive the concept of ‘hotter than hell,’ and what better way than to get the Devil himself to attest to this. Our film builds an engaging narrative by bringing the Devil to life and giving him a lesson in how to be as hot as a Doritos chip. Set at the PepsiCo India office under the premise of an internship, LinkedIn became the perfect platform to partner with for our campaign. We are thrilled with all the recognition that the campaign has been garnering.”

Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot was inspired by the globally iconic and widely loved platform, Flamin’ Hot. This new product is one of the hottest-of-its-kind in the category and is a response to the growing consumer demand for spicy flavored snacks, with ‘chili’ being one of the top flavor buckets that is rapidly expanding in the category.

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