Chose to advertise on TV for the IPL because it is tried and tested: Mayank Shah, Parle Products

Chose to advertise on TV for the IPL because it is tried and tested: Mayank Shah, Parle Products

After the Indian Premier League (IPL) awarded its television and streaming rights to rival media networks Disney Star and Viacom18, advertisers found themselves scrambling to make a decision. Brands had to choose which network to partner with, a choice that had not been necessary for over a decade. Parle Products, the makers of popular biscuits such as Parle-G, Hide & Seek, and KrackJack, decided to partner with television. According to senior category head Mayank Shah, television was a reliable and established medium for achieving mass reach, and it offered the added benefit of co-viewing. Industry sources reported that Disney Star charged between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 14 lakh for a 10-second ad.

Shah explained that television was a better choice for advertisers selling low-priced items, such as biscuits, because connected TV (CTV) targeting was unnecessary. Although CTV also provided the benefits of co-viewing, Shah believed it had yet to gain significance, and its level of targeting was only required by advertisers selling high-end products such as durable goods or automobiles.

Parle Products was one of 11 sponsors that partnered with Disney Star for the IPL. Although the biscuit maker did not produce new ads for the league, it did air its existing short-format ads, which Shah stated were crafted in a premium manner that showcased the product proposal effectively.

One of Parle Products’ IPL strategies was to avoid partnerships with the league’s teams, instead focusing on television advertising, which Shah believed was less cluttered and more visible. He also noted that the company could customize its ads using different feeds to target different products’ appropriate audiences.

While media reports have cited a dip in IPL viewership on television, Shah remained unconcerned, expecting more advertisers to join as the league progressed towards the playoffs and final. He also welcomed the upcoming Women’s Premier League (WPL) second season, which would take place during Diwali, another peak advertising season. The WPL would provide ample inventory during the festival time, making it a helpful platform for advertisers.

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