Byju’s appointed footballer Lionel Messi as brand ambassador for the social media arm.

Byju's appoints footballer Lionel Messi as brand ambassador for the social media arm.

Byju’s the Indian multinational educational technology company has roped in Argentine professional footballer Lionel Messi as the brand ambassador for its Education For All social impact arm. The ed-tech giant announced the development on Friday.

Messi, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain and captains the Argentinian football team, has signed an agreement with BYJU’S to promote the cause of equitable education. Given that football has over 3.5 billion fans globally and that Messi has a social media following of close to 450 million, BYJU’s involvement with Messi will increase the tech company’s visibility abroad.

“We are honored and excited to collaborate with Lionel Messi as our global ambassador. He is a once-in-a-generation talent whose pursuit of excellence, all-in mentality, humility, and reliability resonate deeply with Byju’s brand values. He rose from the grassroots to become one of the most successful sportspersons ever. I am sure this partnership will inspire millions of people around the world to dream bigger and learn better,” said Byju’s co-founder Divya Gokulnath

Lionel Messi too expressed confidence that his partnership with BYJU’S Education For All will inspire young learners across the world. He said, “I chose to partner with BYJU’S because their mission to make everyone fall in love with learning perfectly aligns with my values. High-quality education changes live, and BYJU’S has transformed the career paths of millions of students worldwide. I hope to inspire young learners to reach and remain at the top.” Messi also runs his charitable organization, the Leo Messi Foundation, which was born in 2007 with the idea that children should all have the same opportunities to realize their dreams

Lionel Messi will be featured in campaigns for BYJU’S Education For All, according to an official statement. The statement states that the long-term engagement, which begins as Lionel Messi embarks on his final campaign to win the FIFA World Cup 2022 as captain of Argentina’s national football team, will see him appear in campaigns.

Messi said that a good education changes people’s lives, and BYJU has helped millions of students all around the world shift their professional trajectories. The footballer hopes to inspire young learners to reach and remain at the top.

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