Biofoot from the house of Metro Brands Limited launches #CarewithBiofoot campaign

Biofoot from the house of Metro Brands Limited launches #CarewithBiofoot campaign

Biofoot, a brand owned by Metro Brands Limited, has recently launched a foot wellness awareness campaign called #CarewithBiofoot. The campaign, which runs from April 13th to April 15th, will commence at the flagship experiential store located in Colaba, Mumbai.

To kick-start the #CarewithBiofoot campaign, Dr. George Ampat, an Orthopaedic Surgeon at Royal Liverpool University Hospitals, UK, will be providing exclusive training. This event will be followed by a closed-door panel discussion between Dr. Ampat and leading doctors from India. They will discuss the need for Biofoot in India, podiatry in the western world, and the latest technological advancements in the foot care industry.

Senior Vice President – Marketing of Metro Brands Limited, Deepika Deepti, stated that the #CarewithBiofoot campaign aims to educate consumers about the importance of foot health and how orthotic/footwear solutions can enhance one’s quality of life. With decades of experience in shoemaking and catering to millions of Indians, Metro Brands Limited recognizes that every foot is unique and requires individual attention. This has led to the launch of the brand Biofoot, which offers a free foot scan at its flagship store.

Dr. Ampat, commenting on the philosophy of Biofoot, said that he is delighted to join the brand in this revolutionary campaign. He emphasized the importance of understanding that foot pain or discomfort is not normal and should be addressed to improve overall health. The #CarewithBiofoot campaign is a step in the right direction in raising awareness about foot health and the significance of selecting the right footwear.

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