Bandhan Bank introduces “Jahaan Bandhan, Wahaan” Trust as its new brand campaign.

Bandhan Bank introduces “Jahaan Bandhan, Wahaan” Trust as its new brand campaign.

One of the nation’s banks with the highest rate of growth, Bandhan Bank, today unveiled its integrated marketing campaign with cricketing star Sourav Ganguly as its brand ambassador. The “Jahaan Bandhan, Wahaan Trust” campaign highlights the “trust” that the brand has been able to build over the last 20 years in its different forms before becoming a bank and in the past seven years as a bank.

To illustrate the level of consumer and stakeholder trust that the brand has been able to build, the campaign leverages the analogy of Ganguly’s career, who, soon after the Bank’s inception seven years ago, became a client. In the film, Ganguly is seen remembering the times when he wasn’t a celebrity, and there weren’t many people watching the game. More spectators came to the game as he put in more effort, began scoring runs, and proved himself as a trustworthy teammate. He also acquired the trust of millions of people. In the same way, Bandhan, too, got its start as an NGO by being modest. Bandhan Bank garnered public confidence as it began to grow and as stakeholders began to recognize its efforts.

Apurva Sircar, Head of Marketing at Bandhan Bank, said regarding the new “Jahaan Bandhan, Wahaan Trust” campaign that In the past seven years, Bandhan Bank had expanded its reach into 34 states and union territories, has more than 2.77 crore clients and has approximately Rs. 2 lakh crore in assets. According to him, due to the stakeholders’ trust that the Bank has been able to win, this has been made possible. He added that, while both Dada and Bandhan have roots in West Bengal, neither has let that define them and instead, they have made names for themselves both domestically and abroad, earning the respect of millions of people in the process and that Bandhan Bank’s advertising campaign is inspired by these parallel brand journeys. 

It’s interesting to note that Bandhan Bank has, for the first time, picked a brand ambassador for the entire country of India.

Sourav Ganguly, cricketing icon and Bandhan Bank brand’s ambassador, commented on the partnership, saying he has carefully followed Bandhan’s development into the Bank it is now and followed its progress with interest, so getting the chance to support the Bank in spreading its message is a true honour for him. He also said that every connection starts with trust, and throughout his time as a captain, this principle was of utmost significance. Further, he said they had mutual trust throughout the team, which contributed to their success. Ganguly added that trust is essential for a bank; therefore, he is happy that Bandhan Bank has been able to win the confidence of so many people so quickly. He also spoke of being a customer of Bandhan Bank for a while and that he looks forward to keeping that relationship going.

Leo Burnett Orchard, who was hired as Bandhan Bank’s creative agency in August 2022, developed the “Jahaan Bandhan, Wahaan Trust” campaign. Prodigious shot the still images and the film. 

Leo Burnett Orchard’s Head of Creative, Pravin Sutar, commented on the campaign, saying that being able to work on one of the very few purpose-driven companies in the world is an honour, and the journey of Bandhan Bank has been excellent, and it required outstanding narrative. He also said that they had the chance to work with Sourav Ganguly to develop a campaign that smoothly combines the tales of Dada and Bandhan Bank and is sure to resonate with everyone.

This marketing effort will be seen on TV, in print, in out-of-home advertisements, in theatres, and online. Another first, the ad launched on January 3 on digital platforms before launching on other platforms on January 5.

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