Nutella has launched its new Christmas and New year campaign, ‘Nutella With Love’.

Nutella has launched its new Christmas and New year campaign, ‘Nutella With Love’.

Nutella, the hazelnut cocoa spread from the brand, Ferrero launched it’s new Christmas and new year campaign, ‘Nutella With Love’, to make the celebrations even more special this year. Nutella has also introduced a limited edition of ‘Xmas Special’ jars that can be personalized and reused as DIY craft decorations. Nutella collaborated with Michelin chef Vikas Khanna to develop Christmas special recipe with Nutella.

Speaking on the Campaign, Zoher Kapuswala, marketing head, Nutella brands, Ferrero India, said, “Christmas and the new year holiday season is a time that brings family and friends together, and what better way to celebrate than making your loved ones feel special on this occasion.

Our special edition jars make the perfect gifting option and can even be reused to add more festive cheer to your decorations. Christmas celebration isn’t complete without delicious treats stay tuned for Chef Vikas’ exclusive recipes that will bring these goodies to you with a special Nutella twist in them.

One of the specially curated desserts that Chef Vikas Khanna has created is the ‘Nutella Banana Cake’. Adding Nutella as a key ingredient and giving this old favorite a creamy hazelnut-flavored punch, Chef Vikas Khanna commented, “Nutella is an iconic brand, loved by millions across the globe as well as in India.

Chef Vikas Khanna said: Nutella has always aimed at creating happy moments and inspiring consumers to celebrate breakfast with their loved ones. I’m excited to once again curate a special holiday recipe by offering a mouth-watering twist to our favorite Christmas sweet using Nutella. I am excited about all the Nutella fans out there to try out these recipes and make the festivities sweeter.

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