For BYJU’s “education for all” initiative, Lionel Messi is appointed as a global brand ambassador

For BYJU's "education for all" initiative, Lionel Messi is appointed as a global brand ambassador

Through the BYJU’S Education For All (EFA) charity, the football star shared a photo of himself doing Namaste in order to further the cause of equal and accessible education.

As the company’s global brand ambassador, Lionel Messi is advocating BYJU’S education for all. This statement was released via the player’s social media account.

To the joy of his millions of admirers, Lionel Messi wrote “Namaste India” on his Instagram shortly after Argentina’s historic FIFA World Cup triumph.

Messi may be seen in a number of photos wearing a BYJU’S shirt to support the BYJU’S Education For All (EFA) charity and the cause of equal and accessible education.

Messi stated that children are our future, adding that every child needs an equal opportunity to study and develop regardless of where they reside. Messi welcomed BYJU’S into the BYJU’S family and praised BYJU’S for its revolutionary work in promoting inclusive tech-driven education for everyone. He also praised BYJU’S for taking the message of equal, equitable, and high-quality education for all to his 400 million+ social media followers. One of his most well-liked endorsement postings, it received roughly 10 million, or 1 crore, likes in the first ten hours.

BYJU’S offers their products without charge to young people from underprivileged backgrounds as part of EFA. 5.5 million children are now able to study without interruption because to EFA, which is built on the four pillars of accessibility, inclusiveness, effectiveness, and social fairness. Through 175+ NGO partners, several state departments, and local authorities, it is a groundbreaking multi-stakeholder effort that serves 400+ districts in 28 states. The beneficiaries of the EFA are primarily female and come from vulnerable areas such border regions and locations where naxal activity is prevalent. Nine out of ten EFA students frequently utilise BYJU’S, which helps them achieve steadily higher learning results. The Social Return on Investment (SROI) for BYJU’S Education for All is 2, which implies that for every dollar spent in BYJU’S, two dollars in social value are produced.

Divya Gokulnath, co-founder of BYJU’s stated that they consider it an honour to have Lionel Messi join them in their aim to make education available to all kids, regardless of their circumstances or where they live. She also said that, their ideals at BYJU’S are perfectly aligned with Messi’s passionate commitment for education and children, therefore they are excited to collaborate with him to increase the impact and reach of their Education for All programme. Further she said, they now want to double the reach and influence of EFA in the following two years thanks to Messi’s renowned assist.

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