Humdard Launches a new brand campaign for joshina for Sardi zukham.

Humdard Launches a new brand campaign for joshina for Sardi zukham.

Hamdard Laboratories has launched its new integrated marketing campaign for joshina with its mantra of “Sardi se phle Sardi ka tod” joshina fight various flu-like symptoms and defeats Sardi Zukham.

The campaign stresses the importance of consuming Joshina, especially during season change as it contains an aqueous extract of herbal ingredients that helps in the prevention and treatment of the common cold and cough.

The campaign further fortifies Joshina’s effectiveness against colds and coughs. As an integrated marketing campaign, Hamdard Laboratories will utilize radio, digital platforms, and other mediums to engage with their specific target audience, and it will be further amplified through print media.

Joshina is a very effective medicine and can be consumed by people of all age groups. And trust me this is one brand that is available in every household across SEC. Joshina’s formula has been improved over time to relieve symptoms in just a few days. Try it for yourself if you haven’t,’’ said Abdul Majeed, Chairman & Managing trustee, of Hamdard Medical Division.

Commenting on the new campaign, Suman Varma CMO, Hamdard said, With this campaign, we intend to communicate a very simple narrative, of how the product helps in fighting the first signs of a cold. The product is a hero product in our portfolio. We wish to make more and more people try this product.

Pranav Harihar Sharma, design- creative head, of Hamdard Laboratories, said, “With Covid-19, a regular cold is also viewed suspiciously. Even a mild cough and cold today are viewed as a symptom of something bigger thus raising the antenna for doubt and suspicion. Joshina is a perfect cure to kill Sardi in the bud stage. The film is treated like a suspense thriller. Sardi is personified. We have tried to make it relevant in the current scenario and highlighted the product efficacy story.

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