TruthGPT Delivers Full Truth via Content Marketing Strategies.

The Whole Truth (TWT), a packaged food brand, actively shares content in the form of articles for food and nutrition enthusiasts. Interestingly, the brand originated from the founder’s blog. Recently, The Whole Truth introduced TruthGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, to assist consumers with food and nutrition inquiries.

Since its inception, the brand has prioritized delivering food and nutrition-related content alongside its packaged products. Shashank Mehta, the founder and CEO of The Whole Truth Foods, emphasizes that the brand is renowned for both its content and its packaged food offerings.

In their quest to develop an effective content-sharing strategy, the brand launched a weekly food and fitness newsletter called ‘Truth be Told’ (TBT) after facing distribution challenges on Instagram. Mehta explains, “We initially tried to distribute our content on Instagram, but the platform’s changing algorithm made it difficult to reach our target audience. So, we took a step back and refocused on our original goal.”

Within a year, the newsletter garnered 10,000 subscribers. However, the introduction of TruthGPT raises questions about its necessity alongside the successful newsletter. Mehta points out that readers often have follow-up questions after reading articles, which they usually search for on Google—a platform filled with click-driven content rather than accurate, nuanced information.

TruthGPT relies on data from the brand’s food and fitness journalism, as well as other machine-learning resources. Mehta elaborates, “We developed an on-demand platform for answering questions about food, fitness, and nutrition: TruthGPT. Unlike ChatGPT, which is trained on the entire internet and carries biases, TruthGPT is trained on our thoroughly researched and verified content, including Truth Be Told, The Whole Truth Academy, FitShit Blogs, and ChemX.”

While many learning language models (LLMs) draw from internet content, TruthGPT distinguishes itself by harnessing ChatGPT’s capabilities while leveraging the brand’s extensive content library. According to Mehta, this sets the brand apart.

TruthGPT is the result of a collaboration between The Whole Truth and Fini AI, an AI-powered chatbot provider.

While consumers have shown a strong interest in the brand’s long-form content, TruthGPT aims to provide specific answers to user queries. Mehta notes, “Although our audience appreciates our long-form content, we felt it was important to offer direct responses to their specific questions.”

In the first 20 days following its launch, TruthGPT recorded over 19,000 minutes of usage by more than 10,000 users, who posed over 12,000 questions to the chatbot, according to the brand.

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