DGMark Institute Expands Reach: Opens New Centre in Borivali, Aims for 5 Centres Across Mumbai by 2025!

Mumbai’s digital marketing scene just got a big boost as DGMark Institute, the go-to place for mastering digital marketing skills, has added a new centre in Borivali. Led by the digital marketing guru Chandan Thakur, DGMark Institute has been on a mission since 2020 to make digital marketing education accessible to all.

Imagine this: you’re in Borivali, eager to learn digital marketing, and suddenly, DGMark Institute is right there, offering you top-notch training! That’s what the new centre brings to the table, joining the ranks of the institute’s existing hubs in Goregaon and Andheri.

Chandan Thakur, the brains behind DGMark, is pumped about the expansion, saying, “Our goal is clear: we want five centres in Mumbai before 2025. We believe everyone deserves quality education without breaking the bank.”

With the Borivali centre, DGMark Institute isn’t just growing its footprint; it’s also making digital marketing education more accessible. By setting up shop in different parts of the city, they’re reaching out to folks from all walks of life, giving them the skills they need to thrive in today’s digital world.

DGMark Institute isn’t just about classrooms and lectures; it’s about real-world, practical learning. And with their commitment to job placement assistance, they’re not just teaching digital marketing; they’re helping people kickstart their careers.

So, whether you’re in Goregaon, Andheri, or now, Borivali, DGMark Institute is your ticket to mastering digital marketing and shaping a brighter future for yourself in the digital age.

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