10 must visit places Near Narendra Modi Stadium

Discover the hidden gems located just a stone's throw away from the largest cricket stadium in the world

Sabarmati Ashram

A serene and historic site in Ahmedabad, known as the residence and spiritual headquarters of Mahatma Gandhi.

Sabarmati River

Life-giving water source that holds significant historical and cultural importance

Kankaria Lake

A picturesque and vibrant destination, renowned for its scenic beauty and recreational activities.

Adalaj Stepwell

Step into history at this intricately carved stepwell, an architectural wonder from the 15th century

Sardar Patel National Memorial

Museum and exhibition center dedicated to the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Akshardham Temple

Marvel at the architectural grandeur and spiritual ambiance of this magnificent temple

Auto World Vintage Car Museum

A splendid display of vintage and classic cars, showcasing the evolution of the automobile industry.

Law Garden Night Market

a bustling outdoor bazaar famous for its vibrant collection of traditional Gujarati attire and accessories

Manek Chowk

Experience Ahmedabad's culinary delights in this bustling street food hub


Often referred to as a 'Mini Jungle'. A nature discovery center offering a serene escape and the chance to observe a variety of wildlife

Science City

A must-visit for families, offering an interactive journey through science and technology